Friday, July 16, 2010

Life Lessons

I really should be writing this in January a "this is what I have learned over the past year" or at the very least I should be writing this on my birthday just because it seems like the right time to tell people about all the lessons you have learned over the past year. So this is pretty much just coming out of left field here and smack in the middle of the year and not anywhere near my next birthday I am going to bless you all with the profound insights that I have gained over this past portion of my life.

1. Having a child is really nothing like having a pet. People who don't have children like to equate children to pets but it just isn't that case, sorry. One of the biggest reasons being the fact that when you are just having an "off" day you can't just ignore a child like you can a pet and you definitely can't put them in a kennel. So even though some of you may really love your pet is just isn't like having a child. Trust me on this one.

2. Having an array of shoes is a good thing. I really have been shoe resistant. It isn't that I don't like shoes or haven't admired other people's shoes before it is just that I happen to have really wide feet for a woman, apparently anyway because I can hardly ever find shoes that fit right, so in my frustration I pretty much gave up on finding cute shoes. Wrong. I have found that it is worth the extra effort that it takes to find the them when you are strolling around in cute comfortable shoes. By the way, if you happen to have wide feet Miz Mooz shoes are the sweetest shoes ever, don't believe me? You'll have to check out my brown leather Miz Mooz knee-high boots. Amazing.

3. Good makeup, totally worth it. My grandma got me some mineral makeup for my bday this year. Great stuff. I don't know what I was doing all this time changing makeup around searching for the perfect one when all this time it really was in a this wonderful powder. And don't forget to buy some good brushes to apply with! I don't have any idea why I hemmed and hawed for years (seriously) before purchasing a good set of brushes, what a great $19 purchase. Seriously, I was in agony over spending $19! Speaking of which that reminds me of a story... Once upon a time. OK, not really, the other day I went bike riding. I threw on an older set of workout clothes and was complaining to myself about how cheap clothes were because the top was faded and the shorts had practically lost all their elasticity. I was thinking something along the lines of "see, this is why I don't purchase new clothing it is such a waste" I then realized that I had owned this particular pair of workout clothes for 3 years and that I had worn them at least once every 2 weeks, usually more, for those 3 years. Seriously?!

4. Designer jeans. I used to smugly laugh at women who bought designer jeans. Now, I have to say first off that I really can't swallow paying the full amount for jeans so don't think I have become a total convert but hey what is ebay for anyway? Back to the jeans. They are amazing. I have never had jeans fit so well. Those weird gaps? Gone. And I can actually buy jeans that weren't made for teenagers! It is great. I am sold.

Oh so you thought that this was going to be a list of profound life lessons? HA! It is the little things that make life what it is and if you can't appreciate the little lessons there is no way that you will recognize, pay attention to or apply the "big" life lessons. Believe me or not on that one.


  1. Wait, are you saying it's not okay to stick you children in a kennel now and then?! ;o)

    Love everything you are saying. What mineral makeup did she start you out with? I've been wanting to get into mineral makeup, but haven't taken the plunge yet. And buying designer jeans on ebay... you are so smart :)

  2. The jeans rock, give it a try, I have gotten some GREAT deals recently, takes a little patience but totally worth it.

    Yeah... I am building my kennel right now, not.

    I have BareMinerals, amazing. I am thinking that the Physicians Formula that they carry at Target might be good as well, make sure and buy the whole package because even though 2 layers sounds like a lot it really is the most natural feeling and looking makeup I have ever worn.

  3. Totally with you on the makeup brushes and designer jeans thing. I'm pretty convinced my kid wouldn't mind spending a day pretending to be a dog if I needed it though. lol.