Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Love Muscle

"I love you" can be one of the cheapest phrases ever to have a price. I have just ran in to a series of circumstances where someone would profess their undying desire to visit or their undying "love" but the odd thing was there was absolutely no action put behind the words. Who hasn't heard "love is a verb", how corny right? Who hasn't heard "actions speak louder than words", doubly corny right? I mean we all hear it, we all know it, duh, we all practice it right? Right?

I purpose that we are all acting under some sort of social rule, a rule that tells us that we have to be "polite" to people that we know, we have to act concerned and we must tell them how profusely we miss them and like them even if we know we are completely unwilling to put any effort in to actual human contact. So what is it that makes us say these things when we really have no interest in connecting with that person? Or is it that there really is interest or some vague sort of desire but we really have removed ourselves so far from the work that it takes to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships that our relationship building skills, our caring, has atrophied?

Love is a muscle and the effort that it takes to exert that muscle is the action and work that we put in to building and maintaining the relationships in our lives.  


  1. I was thinking about this the other day. I'm guilty of it. Trying to work on being more sincere and genuine.

  2. right on, i just have one issue with this.
    Its painful to workout and its hard to keep at it! ;b

  3. Some say that it is the brain that loves, not the heart, but I believe that the reason love is associated with the heart is because the heart is a muscle, and like all muscles it must be used in order to grow, or it will shrivel and become useless. But also, the heart IS a muscle, muscles grow by tearing themselves apart and growing back together... it takes pain, and work, and patience, but it is worth it, and any effort, even if it is just to lift a five pound weight, is still a move in the right direction. Saying "I love you" is like standing in the weight room, at least you're there, whether you decide to pick up a weight and do something or not, you're in the right place to start.