Monday, February 14, 2011

"Better than Sex" cake

Though it is sure to disappoint this is what I am making for our stay at home V Day today.

I am using this chocolate cake recipe.
Then half way through baking sprinkle a small handful of chocolate chips over the top of each cake.
When the cakes come out of the oven cool them for a little while and then stack them and poke several holes in them. Pour 1 can of sweetened condensed milk over the top and let it soak in.
Right before you are ready to serve make some whip cream and frost your cake with it and then to finish it off sprinkle some toffee bits all over the top. Welcome the sugar coma with wide open arms.

I strongly suggest eating this cake with a dark cup of coffee on hand to help balance things out. Being as it is V Day you should probably make this an experiment and have cake first and then go see if it is better than... well yeah, the title says it all doesn't it?


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