Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cultural - Merry Christmas!

Those of you, whoever you are, who have been reading my blog may have got the idea that I am anti-establishment. You would kind of be right. I am more anti-institution but I know that lots of people don't really like to split hairs like that. Splitting hairs on some of these things is important. Why? Because it just is.

All this to say that there are some things that I know people boycott, especially holidays. I can't say that I blame them. My family has done that very thing. Boycotted the extreme commercialism and the intense pressure to buy buy buy for everyone, to go in to debt to buy everyone and their relatives gifts when what you are really giving is the gift of guilt and receiving gifts of debt. I know, bitter isn't it? I really think that a lot of us have to go through a stage where we boycott such things, it's almost like cleansing ourselves of the whole thing, detoxing, that is what it is, a detox. There is something to the whole detox thing. Really. I would say that my family "detoxed" from everything that is "normal" in our culture for years, we've come out a wild bunch of characters that is for sure. So I am not saying that it doesn't have to be done.

There is a time though when the bitterness must fade and a new era of sorts has to dawn so that you are able to live life and really enjoy it to it's fullest. I am with Solomon on this one, life is short, you have to live it!

What does all this have to do with Christmas? Pretty much everything. We draw names in my family which really makes things nice because you can go pick out a really nice gift for the one person that you have to buy for, it is really great, I know lots of families have lots of different ways they do things but I am pretty sure that it helps with our holiday stress. Why is that? Because we don't have any holiday stress! Seriously. Zero. It's about celebration and enjoyment. And FOOD! I am embracing Christmas. I am not buying things because I have to. I fully recognize that Christmas to us is very cultural, they way we celebrate it is cultural, our gift giving for Christmas is cultural. It's great! It can be so much fun! Finding a perfect gift, even finding a "good deal" on the gift becomes all part of the fun.

I don't know, maybe I drank something in the water up here but Christmas this season to me is all about embracing culture and family and drinking it in until I can hardly hold any more.

I honestly think it's because I was so empty from the years of "detox" that I finally have room to feel the hunger and be completely filled with loving Presence.

Merry Christmas!


  1. What it is for me, it's just about being real and not ashamed of giving from the heart. Whether it be a antique first aid box (my daughter is giving her boyfriend), handmade scarf, or a store bought game. As long as it comes from heart, that's all that matters to me. Prices tags are for those who are more concerned about themselves than the person's heart in giving.

    I know of an adult person who ran in the bathroom and cried because she didn't get what she wanted from her parents. Yes this person was grown, married and with children.

  2. We started a new "tradition" this year that a friend of mine told me about - her kids get 3 gifts for Christmas as Jesus got 3 gifts from the wise men. It is part to teach the kids about Jesus & also to teach that Christmas isn't all about how many presents you get. Another friend expanded on that & said that they give their kids 1 NEED, 1 WANT & 1 Educational

    Doing the 3 gift thing really is up to you & how much you want to spend or how big the gift is. We had the in laws watch the boys this year & did the Black Friday thing for the 1st time. We managed to start & finish our shopping for our boys for Christmas & didn't going in debt doing so. Def a good feeling! I also agree that it's crazy how much ppl stress over how much they spend. I know someone as well that decided the "whole family Christmas" gift exchange should be changed from $20.00 limit to $50.00 limit as she wanted to receive more presents than just 1 "ok" present - we dropped out of the exchange at that point because that isn't the point of Christmas