Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fear - A sour, contaminating substance

Everyone knows that the favorite tactic of evil men is fear. Fear, unlike it's more pleasant counterparts, is a huge motivator, maybe one of the strongest motivators. I tend to think it is because it stimulates the adrenal glands thus pushing even the laziest person in to crazed action.

Truth. Truth is the way to combat fear but truth also is the cause of fear. Sometimes it is people themselves that balk at truth but usually it is because someone "above" them has conditioned them to fear certain truths, certain things that challenge ultimate authority.

As it turns out on of the best ways to cultivate fear is to create an institution of some kind that can manufacture fear large-scale-factory-style with a few good men (and women) at the controls, usually something like a board of directors or something of the sort, along with some good minions to do their bidding that may or may not be in on the actual reasoning behind the fear-perpetuation of institution as a whole. Most people like to think that they are being looked after and cared for, they will swallow almost anything to believe that nothing has to do with money or control but stems from the goodness of a heartless institution because no matter what anyone would like to believe and institution is a dead thing.

We are continually told that certain things must be said and done "for the greater good". Who and what is the greater good and since when does the greater good come before the injured, suffering, sick or dying that is held in the arms of those that love them?

Fear is the catalyst to the control because the masses can be controlled by fear. Add just a bit of fear of the unknown to any suggestion and you can bet that the masses will flock to the familiar, or what is represented as the familiar. Fear is like a sour taste in your mouth, bitter bile that you want to spit out. It is contaminating like yeast, bubbling up the substance that houses it and growing it to consume everything around it. People hate what they fear.

Fear - salted sparingly with misquoted truth - turns people from intelligent, thinking beings in to nothing more than a stampeding herd of cattle.


  1. Hmm, sounds like the health care system to me! We try and do things as naturally as possible and they will often times play on fear to try to get us to change our minds in different areas. Oh, and the campaigns against cosleeping and not vaccinating are awful! It is nothing but fear tactics and information politics. BLAH!

    Another thing this made me thing of is how fear often times springs out of differences. When someone sees someone who is different from them it can easily cause fear, and fear quickly breeds hate.

    Yeah, fear sucks. There should be no room for it in our lives.

    Fear not, little flock, for it is the Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:32

  2. Watched the movie Babies. Let me tell ya...the African folks where crazy I tell ya. Giving birth without nurses and doctors. Letting their children sleep with them, carrying them around. Geesh how do they survive!? I hope you sense sarcasm there. ;)