Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shaping our kids perceptions

Do we shape our kids perceptions? Sure. I think that we can agree on that. Our young children have us around and they are going to pick up on what we think, they are going to watch what we watch, or let them watch. They even pick up on the tone and words that we use. It is kind of freaky when your exact tone of voice comes out of a 2 year old. Gosh it is so hard not to laugh sometimes. It has seriously made me take a second look at the things that come out of my mouth!

Speaking of perceptions I had a moment the other day that really made me think about perception shaping moments... yeah, that sentence is a little garbled but let me explain.

My son was watching Diego the other day. It is one of those terribly annoying shows with squeaky voices and lame kid songs that my son loves. What is it with children and loving those terrible voices and songs? That is the beside the point. I like Diego. Yeah, I know I said that I despise the voices and songs but Diego is pretty benign, there isn't anything objectionable and he loves animals. I was half listening while catching up on some reading when it registered what the squeaky conversation was about. It was about giant turtles. No big deal right? Maybe. But those kids shows are sneaky... It was about a lonely sea turtle and he was getting help from Diego and Diego's sister about getting the sea turtle a "friend" that he could have a family with... HOLD ON!

OK there is something wrong with this situation. Talk about shaping a young child's perception! Think about it. Here this show is teaching my son that if you are lonely and look for a friend that you can start a family with your friend. OK. Maybe I am a bit extreme but think about it for a minute. You are lonely. You get a friend. You start a family with a friend. Great. Wonderful. Seriously? A kids show?

Perceptions? Hm.


  1. Good grief. I haven't seen that one... What's wrong with just being lonely and trying to find a friend? Can't they just stop there?

    Now I'm going to be singing Rescue Pack all day...

  2. I know what you mean. My friend's boy pointed out that Caillou probably isn't a Christian & when his mom asked why he thought that, he said "Because he's always angry & mean to his friends!" The insight of children.