Sunday, January 2, 2011

Virtual Tour

It may seem like I put everything out there for everyone to read and discuss. It seems that way when you meet my whole family. It doesn't seem like we have anything that is private.

The fact is that we have lots of things that are private. I am in truth a loud outgoing type of person and I have no problem starting or keeping a conversation going but there are many things that I tell to only a few people. Mainly the people that I live with.

Many people are like that I am sure. Have things that they don't tell others.

Well I am going to open up a little bit of my privacy and give you a virtual tour of my little house. Just for fun.

 Daddy and Jude reading in Jude's room

 Jude's room

 It's really hard to figure out what to do with all the wood we need to keep in the house and what do you do with shoes in such a small space?
Oh yeah, the tin trash can has the kindling in it.

 My awesome spiral staircase.

 Wood stove, an essential in the northlands.

 This is office/living room/play room or something.

 Yeah, kinda awkward, our bedroom in downstairs, it is too hot upstairs and since Jude still comes to bed with us I was worried he would fall down the stairs trying to come up to us one night.
P.S. My king-sized Ikea mattress is so worth the space it takes up.

 Winter time makes the biking move indoors. Upstairs. This is where the fitness happens!

 Finally, some dressers.

 Damien just built the bookshelf last month.

You may have noticed that you didn't get a bathroom or a kitchen tour. That's because I don't have one! Ha. You may have caught a glance of my fridge and microwave stashed behind the spiral staircase and I won't mention that you might have caught a glance of a porta-pot upstairs. 
Below is a shot of the "main cabin". Upstairs is my parents area housing both my dad's office and my mom's office and their little area. Downstairs in the main kitchen which we all share... all... yeah... there are 9 adults and 3 small children, everyone's little cabins are spotted around the main cabin. The shed you see in the distance is the wood/animal shed and behind that is the chicken coop and garden. Somehow were never able to shake our small farm roots.

Yes, there is a bathroom in there and right around the corner, attached to the main cabin is an outdoor access only shower house/laundry room. Believe it or not we don't really stack up on top of each other to shower or do our laundry and we don't even have schedules posted.

 I just got the dinner holler.

You have to be curious right? Ask questions!


  1. I think it's adorable. You all look cozy and right now WARM! I wish we had an IKEA close by us. I will be ordering my kitchen sink from them soon, but it would be a bit cheaper if I could just go to the store and pick it up. =D

  2. Our Ikea store is down in the Cities, it's about 4 hours from here.

  3. Love the tour. Your place is looking great! Did Nathan and Sharaya get their cabin finished?

  4. Yes, their cabin is finished, at least the inside is :-) It looks great.

  5. Man, I have to make my way out there soon. I miss hanging out! The last time I saw there place it was just some dug up earth waiting to be built upon! Of course, you guys are super fast so if might not have been THAT long ago... Lol :)

  6. The closest IKEA is Chicago for me. I can't believe that don't have one in St. Louis. One of these days I'll make it up North...but for now I'll just have to get used to ordering from them. I live South of St. Louis BTW. Sadly some of their stuff is only available in the stores.