Thursday, June 17, 2010

Embracing the Inner Mod

I can’t seem to leave well enough alone. It seems to me that blogs just scream for new themes. I am glad that at least I have not figured out how to use WordPress well enough to tweak it too much in some ways because I think it would become some sort of obsession.

I care more about what the content is that what the cover looks like but it sure can be fun to change the look. Mostly it is because I am searching for “the” look. The look that says “read me”, “take me seriously”, “enjoy me”, “I’m smart and witty”, etc.

It’s the same with my hair. Seriously. I can never leave well enough alone. Right now I am attempting for the thousandth time in almost as many years (Ya, so bite me for exaggerating) to grow my hair out. I am, thus far, successful which really is not saying much. I am constantly on the hunt for the right look. I don’t want to be too “cute” but I don’t want to look all vamp-sexy all the time either but I can’t look frumpy but… I want my hair to say almost everything that I would like my blog to say now how weird is that? The deal is that it can be very tricky because I have always been drawn to slightly whimsical and wispy hairstyles but I have the thickest and straightest hair ever. I do mod. I do mod very well. Ugh.

So embrace is the name of the game. I am going to embrace the inner and outer mod.

Whatever that means.

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