Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pet Peeve

So today’s discourse is nothing but a rant plain and simple. Pet food commercials. They are on my top 10 hate list. Hate is actually the wrong word. Despise is a good one. They make me want to vomit. My favorite commercial to hate is the Blue commercial. It talks about how every other pet food is made out of byproduct and how pets are family therefore they need to eat as well as your family member. This pet food advertises that it has real meat, veggies and fruit. Another commercial I love to hate shows a mother pouring some unmarked dry food in to her kids’ bowls and states that you wouldn’t feed your kids dry food so why would you feed it to your pet? This commercial happens to be advertising refrigerated pet food. These commercials disgust me. Don’t get me wrong I love animals. I enjoy my dog and have always had pets. I have cried when my pets have died and I care for them by feeding them well and providing for their health and even for their happiness. This is my beef with the pet food. Pets are animals. Period. They are not children. To rate a pet as a human demeans what it means to be a human. Ok so I have another beef with the commercials. In the light of the recent disasters around the world but in mind especially the horror of Haiti it seems pathetic that we should be told that our pets need to eat the best meat, fruits and vegetables there is to offer. It almost makes me sick every time I see them as I think of the people who are going without. I know that it doesn’t matter if I feed my pet a slightly lower grade food, they are animals for crying out loud, in the wild they eat dead things! Human beings on the other hand are meant to be nourished with actual food. Believe me my pet feels no less loved because I didn’t feed her refrigerated food this morning but if I would have fed my son some sort of ground of chicken meal he would be one hungry unhealthy little boy.

Shame on you pet food purveyors there are people out there in need of food let pets eat byproduct, they always have.

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