Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spring Bug

Help! I am being attacked by the shopping bug!

A little background info on me. I am not a huge shopper. If it weren’t for my husband, sister and What Not to Wear I would always look half put together, or half not, depending on whether you are the glass half empty or half full types. Me? I am the half empty type. I don’t even bother claiming to be a “realist” I just know that I am liberally infused throughout with pessimism, or cynicism, take your pick. It may have something to do with the years traveling the road. It may have to do with working with so many people. Not really sure though I am sure that a psychiatrist would have a heyday explaining it to me.

Back to the shopping. I think it has something to do with spring. We cleaned up the lawn. My house is getting the walls put in. The sap is flowing, there are buds on the trees. I think this all leads in the shopping direction. Why? New things! So this is what is on my shopping list:
1. Vibram Five Finger shoes. I just have to have a pair of these, they are amazing! I love going barefoot and these shoes are just perfect. Plus I found them in the most amazing color…
2. A new purse. Oddly enough I am not much of a purse girl either but I found one the other day that is just plain yummy. I seriously am needing to buy this purse.
3. Carpet. I am getting the walls done and now I need a piece of carpet to put in the loft.
4. A food processor. We have been along OK without one but it is becoming increasingly needed.
5. Ribbon because I need to dress up the plain headbands that I just bought for my oh-so-mod hair.
6. I would really like to buy some stuff to design my wall decorations BUT I will be able to put this off because my walls aren’t done yet.

I honestly thought there was something more but I guess that is it. The good thing is I can usually guilt/talk myself out of buying most everything so I think I am safe (I hope?) But the shoes may do me in.

Now that I have inflicted you all with my shopping desires I am sure you have wasted under 5 minutes reading this and can now set your mind free to make a spring shopping list of your own and if you need any help guilting yourself out of buying something just drop me a note because I am an expert. Just ask my shopping hubby.

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