Thursday, June 17, 2010


I believe in my last blog that I revealed that the word “seriously” coupled with both an ! and a ? happens to be one of my favorite words or should I say phrases because I really do feel that both the ! and the ? are actually unformed words in this case. I have a variety of circumstances that I use this phrase in. Believe me living in community there are plenty of times when that phrase is necessary for the incredulous amazement I feel about another person’s actions. There are so many examples but I am not going to disclose them here, which seems to be a very common thing in my line of work, all kinds of interesting things happen and believe me living with this many people there are all kinds of mishaps, funny sayings, jokes, frustrations, etc. but how would it be right to post them all over the internet especially since many of you know the people I would be talking about! Even if I did not disclose names in a flimsy attempt to guard their “privacy”.
Privacy? HA! There is hardly any such thing around here. I think that my privacy boundaries have actually been enlarged probably past the point of many people’s ability to recognize them for what they are.

So that’s all there is, that’s it, that’s all I’m going to say, I am not even going to tell you why my phrase for today is SERIOUSLY!?

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