Thursday, June 17, 2010

Health Care

I would venture to guess that blood was boiling before the actual reading of this blog commenced. Health care is an extremely hot topic as of late and so I figured that I would go ahead and share my opinion with you all. Now before you get your undies in a bundle I will first off state what I am actually going to be talking about. I am not going to let you in to my own personal opinions on this matter in this case the a recent quote that I picked up is completely appropriate, well if not appropriate at least it fits the situation fairly well and at the very least is bound to raise some eyebrows”opinions are like a**holes, everyone’s got one”. My opinion is not going to be on the health care plan itself but on a select group of the nay-sayers. I am not specifically picking on this particular group of nay-sayers or really on the nay-sayers in general, in fact you may never know whether I am counting myself amongst the nay-sayers or not and I am not likely to tell you. This particular group of nay-sayers has had the happy chance of catching my attention and even evoking several chuckles in the process of airing their strong nay-saying opinions to the general public and since they felt that it was not only a good idea to make public their political opinion on this issue but they felt it necessary to invoke the criticism (or acclaim) of whomever happened to read their Facebook status I thought that it was obviously an invitation to elaborate, pick apart or otherwise discuss these views.

The task at hand is to discuss those who are in the military complaining that under the new health care reform they will have to pay for the health care of others. I have heard it mentioned several times by several different military men that they are extremely peeved about that fact. At first glance I did not even pause as I lazily continued to scroll down my list of yahoos and nay-sayers all putting in their 2 cents about the health care reform. It wasn’t until a day later that I began to chuckle. A thought had suddenly struck me, “how absurd” I thought, actually it may be downright humorous that people from the military are complaining about paying the health care of others since I sit here as a tax payer paying not only their wages but also their… you got it… health care! HA! So of all the nay-sayers I must say my hats off to the beloved (and yes I do appreciate you) military men that made my week by airing the political opinions on Facebook.

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